Aces Aspire

I am a member of a group called Aces Aspire, during lockdown I was invited to speak at several Zoom meetings where I was able to speak about my experience on Instagram and my journey to having such a big platform.

Revival Church

Before lockdown I was invited to Revival House church to speak to their youth and potentially inspire them to perhaps looking at growing an Instagram account and becoming an influencer themselves.

GG Talk Show

I was given the pleasure of talking on the GG talk show to talk about my time on Instagram and how I got to where I am. I also was given the opportunity to promote my Insta Influencer Course which is a step by step tutorial on how to grow an Instagram account

Who am I?

My name is Blessing, and I’ve been interested in skincare ever since I was 11, when I started getting acne. I  had set my self a goal to clear up my skin, and through that my interest in that field has grown. As for hair, I only really started getting into it