Who am I?

My name is Blessing, and I’ve been interested in skincare ever since I was 11, when I started getting acne. I  had set my self a goal to clear up my skin, and through that my interest in that field has grown. As for hair, I only really started getting into it 

How Can I Help You?

I offer services with basic video editing, Instagram coaching. I also offer mentorship in becoming an influencer and growing an Instagram account. Building a following is not an easy feat and there may be days where you may not feel like posting or engaging 

Beauty With Blessing creates vitamin E oil infused lipglosses, perfect for using as your everyday glossy lip moisturiser.

The aim of this Ebook is to give you tips and secrets on how to organically grow your Instagram account and eventually become an influencer.

I have had the opportunity to speak about my successes to other young people, inspiring them to also make money with their phones.

With this course you will be given 5 modules worth of  visual tutorials on how to become an instagram influencer.